I am in the process of working out how to add 2011 updates onto the recent events side bar section. In the meantime, I am putting 2011’s updates here.

2011’s Key Events:

EP returned on 25th March, with H/D close behind arriving on the 27th March.

H/D laid three eggs on the 14th, 17th and 20th April.

They hatched on the 23rd, 24th and 26th May.

Unfortunately the third chick struggled to break free of the egg membrane, perhaps due to waterlogging of the egg? The chick always seemed very small and weak compared to the others and died by the 30th May. We have had very bad weather during this time which will have impeded EP’s fishing, and any food brought in would go to the eldest two chicks first.

More news to follow shortly….

2011 – H/D sitting on the same perch above the Wigtown nest 16:00, 25th August 2011

The last sighting of H/D for a while. She is sitting on the same perch that JD was filmed on the day before, above the Wigtown Bay Osprey’s nest. JD her 2011 chick is sitting in a nearbty tree eating a flat fish. You can see H/D calling for food, although I’m not sure who she was calling to, either wishful thinking that JD might share his with her, or more likely to EP, her mate. I did not see who caught JD’s fish in the Steam, Coal and Canal, but I was told it was an adult so presumably EP brought it in, if so H/D’s asking where her’s is!

2011 – JD sitting on perch above the Wigtown nest 12:00, 24th August 2011

A rare late sighting of JD sitting on the perch above the Wigtown Bay Osprey’s nest. JD is our only known surviving 2011 chick, we are pretty sure that he is male due to his size and shape, weight at ringing, date of fledging (52days) and his beautiful white breast. JD sat at the nest calling for food for 15 minutes, until he finally decided that none was coming and he flew off, perhaps to find his own.

2011 – H/D feeding JD for perhaps the last time? 18th August 2011

The Wigtown Bay Ospreys have been quite elusive recently, so I was really pleased to be able to witness and record our resident female H/D feeding our only remaining chick JD for perhaps the last time as H/D should migrate soon, and JD really should be a big boy and feed himself now, we know he is perfectly capable!

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Andrew Bielinski and Ian Brown hold up JD and JC who are showing off their newly fitted identity Darvic rings. Photo: Paul Tarling, 1st July 2011.

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